There are many places to fill prescriptions in Sioux City, but there is only one Drilling Pharmacy. No other pharmacy makes the effort to get to know you as Drilling does, and we do it for a very important reason: your health.

Nicotine Replacement

Pharmacists can order prescriptions for and dispense the following products to qualifying patients 18 years or older that are desiring nicotine replacement therapy to help them stop smoking.

  • Nicorette or generic gum (2mg or 4mg)
  • Nicorette or generic lozenge (2mg or 4mg)
  • NicoDerm CQ, Habitrol or generic patch (7mg, 14mg or 21mg)
  • Nicotrol NS
  • Nicotrol Inhaler
    Our pharmacists can also provide counseling and resources to help patients meet their smoking cessation goals.

  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

    Medication therapy management (MTM) is a service provided by pharmacists to ensure the best outcomes for patients. MTM includes a comprehensive medication review (CMR) focusing on an individual’s medication list, optimizing therapy, identifying problems, discussing side effect management, and providing intervention or referral if necessary. MTM services often help to identify uncontrolled disease states, educate patient on their medications, advise patients on healthy behaviors and lifestyle modifications that can work together with their medications to help them reach their health goals. MTM is especially helpful for patients with multiple medical conditions, complex medication regimens, and patients who see multiple providers.

    Medication Disposal

    Medication Disposal Box
    The medication disposal box at Drilling Pharmacy provides a safe and convenient way to properly dispose of any expired, unused, or unwanted over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, prescription patches, prescription ointments, and vitamins.
    Items that are NOT accepted include illicit drugs and regulated medical waste such as sharps and hazardous waste.

    DisposeRx is a site-of-use drug disposal solution for unused, unwanted, or expired medications. The DisposeRx powder is non-toxic and non-hazardous. The innovative technology includes cross-linking polymers that activate in water in the presence of unused medication in the original prescription vial in less than 30 seconds. To use you simply add water to the vial of unwanted medication until it is two-thirds full, add the packet of DisposeRx powder and then shake for 30 seconds before disposing of the vial with your household trash. Two dispose Rx packets per month are free to Iowa residents.

    Pet Medications

    We can fill prescriptions from veterinarians for your four-legged family members too! We can provide many pet medications such as HeartGard, Apoquel, and Truprofen, in addition to human medications that are often prescribed for pets.

    Delivery Services

  • FREE Delivery in Sioux City, Sgt. Bluff, and So. Sioux City
  • Curbside Delivery