Healthy Heart Club

Drilling Pharmacy was awarded a grant to partner with the University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Public Health to help patients actively take steps towards better cardiovascular health. Patients are now eligible to enroll in a 12-week study that will require patients to take a consistent number of blood pressure readings per week.

Patients enrolled in the program will receive:

  • an Omron blood pressure monitor (with an option to purchase at a discount at the conclusion of the study)
  • 50% off a combined lipid panel and blood glucose reading
  • a welcome packet with educational materials
  • a free comprehensive medication review with your pharmacist
  • support and advocacy from your local pharmacy team

  • Enroll using the form below and the pharmacy will reach out with more details on getting started. We look forward to working with you!

    Join our 12 week Healthy Heart Club

    Submit Your Blood Pressure Readings

    If you are currently enrolled in our 12 week Healthy Heart Club Study with the University of Iowa and Iowa Department of Health, you are welcome to submit your weekly blood pressure readings below. Please note that it will ask you to select a time. This is to access the form only. You do not need to come to the pharmacy in person.