Legendary Customer Service

We are your essential link between patient, healthcare provider, and insurance.

We Promise

The mission of Drilling Pharmacy and its staff is to provide the community we serve with the best overall pharmacy care products and services to every customer every day. 

To ask questions and answer yours.

Because our job --and most importantly your health-- is in the details.

To clarify, simplify, and dignify.

We eliminate patient concerns about insurance billing, health and drug information, generic drug formulations, and Medicare benefits and coverage. We believe in discreet, professional, and compassionate communication.

To provide common sense care.

Our patients deserve and expect integrity, respect, and kindness. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standard and treat each patient like family.

legendary customer service from Drilling Pharmacy

Pharmacist Staff

Pharmacist, Don Drilling R.PH.

Pharmacist, Bill Drilling R.PH.

Pharmacist, Francine Deman R.PH.

Pharmacist, Renee Rose R.PH.

Pharmacist, Abby Banks PharmD

Pharmacist, Sarah Sorensen PharmD

Pharmacist, Liz Webb PharmD

Pharmacist, Elise Houselog, PharmD